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Image of Nathan Hirsch - Founder & CEO of FreeeUp - ‘The Remote Hiring Guy’
04 December 2017 |Comments
We discuss how an Emoji is born; Facebook launches 'Creators' app for video publishers.
Image of Scott Smith - Vice President of Sales at CloudApp
22 November 2017 |Comments
Twitter increases character limit for tweets and display names; US regulators have approved the first digital pill.
Image of Steve Wilson - Principal Analyst (Digital Safety) at Constellation Research
10 November 2017 |Comments
Researchers create a two-factor authentication system based on physical objects; Facebook Live adds screen-sharing functionality.
Image of Jackson Palmer - Creator of DogeCoin
16 October 2017 |Comments
Podcast discovery platform, CastBox, raises $16M in funding; Instagram Stories add polling stickers and an eye-dropper tool.
Image of Kristen Gallagher - Founder of Edify
02 October 2017 |Comments
Instagram allows users to choose who can comment on their posts; Plume Labs begin beta-testing a portable air-quality tracker.
Image of Dr Tal Rapke - ScalaMed
20 September 2017 |Comments
Apple announces the iPhone X; Android devices have been secretly listening and recording user's conversations.