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Image of Tim Lea - Blockchain Entrepreneur & Author of 'Down the Rabbit Hole'
04 January 2019 |Comments
Bumblebees with high-tech backpacks could act as a living data collection platform; ‘Donald’ listed in top 25 worst passwords of 2018
Image of Dr. Jody Foster - Author of The Schmuck In My Office
12 December 2018 |Comments
American start up set to charge $8K to fill your veins with young blood; Google Fi supports iPhones and the majority of Android devices
Image of Julia McCoy - CEO of Express Writers
05 November 2018 |Comments
Google app suite may cost up to $40 per device under new EU Android deal; Adobe to bring full Photoshop app to iPad
Image of Julia McCoy - CEO of Express Writers
18 October 2018 |Comments
50 million Facebook accounts have been hit by a security breach; Japanese engineers prototype a robot backpack that acts as a secondary pair of arms.
Image of Barbara Turley - CEO and Founder of the Virtual Hub
09 September 2018 |Comments
New US trade penalties against China will affect electric scooter startups; Netflix has started testing ads between episodes
Image of Sam Liang - CEO & Co-Founder of Otter. ai
23 August 2018 |Comments
Facebook seek partnerships with major US banks; Alex Jones’ InfoWars test the limits of free speech on Social Media platforms.