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Image of Nir Eyal - Author of 'Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products'
Image of Tim Lea - CEO of Veredictum
14 June 2017 |Comments
Google releases Jamboard, a 55-inch interactive whiteboard; Ex-Twitter engineer and former Apple designer launch the premium iPhone camera app Halide.
Image of Aaron Agius - Co-Founder of Louder Online
29 May 2017 |Comments
Bitcoin hits a new high; Berlin designers experiment with smell-based user interfaces.
Image of Jason Chua - Project Executive at A^3 by Airbus Group
23 May 2017 |Comments
Announcements from the Google I/O Conference; TechCrunch Hackathon Finalist 'Waste Not' pitch an app that tells you when your food is about the expire.
Image of Daniel Knowlton - Co-Founder of KPS Digital Marketing
15 May 2017 |Comments
Yik-Yak shuts down. WhatsApp's Status feature reaches 175M users in 10 weeks.
Image of Zeryab Cheema - CEO of Hop
01 May 2017 |Comments
Lilium Aviation launch the first test flight of an all-electric 'flying car'. Facebook's provides details of its augmented reality at the F8 Facebook Developer Conference.