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Image of Barbara Turley - CEO and Founder of the Virtual Hub
09 September 2018 |Comments
New US trade penalties against China will affect electric scooter startups; Netflix has started testing ads between episodes
Image of Sam Liang - CEO & Co-Founder of Otter. ai
23 August 2018 |Comments
Facebook seek partnerships with major US banks; Alex Jones’ InfoWars test the limits of free speech on Social Media platforms.
Image of Chris Strub -  Published Author, YouTuber, Course Instructor, Millennial Keynote Speaker, and Award-Winning Social Good Road-Tripper
08 August 2018 |Comments
Google fined a record $5 billion by the EU for Android antitrust violations; Blue Origin plans to charge at least $200,000 for a ride to Space.
Image of James Eggleston - Senior Analyst at Power Ledger & Doctoral Researcher at CUSP Institute
20 July 2018 |Comments
Instagram Announce IGTV - a standalone app for longer videos; Scandi Electronics want to make earrings that double as earphones.
Image of Nic Steenhout - Web Accessibility Expert & Disability Rights Activist
21 June 2018 |Comments
Highlights from Mary Meekers annual Internet Trends Report; Apple announce iOS 12 update.
Image of Mark Littlewood - CEO of the Business of Software Conference
28 May 2018 |Comments
Google Duplex can make real phone calls using AI; Announcements from the F8 Facebook Developer Conference.