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Image of Nic Steenhout - Web Accessibility Expert & Disability Rights Activist
21 June 2018 |Comments
Highlights from Mary Meekers annual Internet Trends Report; Apple announce iOS 12 update.
Image of Mark Littlewood - CEO of the Business of Software Conference
28 May 2018 |Comments
Google Duplex can make real phone calls using AI; Announcements from the F8 Facebook Developer Conference.
Image of Chris Aarons - Partner of Inc. Digital & Co-Author of 'The Digital Helix'
25 April 2018 |Comments
Google to preserve endangered historical sites using virtual reality; NASA’s new spacecraft will search the galaxy for habitable planets.
Image of Nate Wright - Owner of Small Biz Triage
16 April 2018 |Comments
Scientists develop tiny tooth-mounted sensors that can track what you eat; Facebook restricts APIs; Spotify shares close down at $149 US in unconventional US Listing.
Image of Vanessa Lim - Founder of Restyle Closet
02 April 2018 |Comments
Uber Self Driving Car Has Killed a Pedestrian; Stem Cell Therapy Reverses Sight Loss
Image of Doug Sandler - Author of 'Nice Guys Finish First', CEO & Founder of the Turnkey Podcast
27 March 2018 |Comments
Computer Modelling Could Replace Animals in Drug Testing; Instagram and Snapchat Pull Giphy Integration.