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Glenn Rubenstein
18 February 2017 |Comments
Pinterest to make visual discovery easier with 3 new features. Dubai aims to have passenger carrying drones in operation by July 2017.
Ryan Frankel - Entrpreneur, Former CEO & Co-Founder of VerbalizeIt
13 February 2017 |Comments
Google releases Cloud Search: a smart search engine to locate all files in the G-Suite. Twitter begin implementing new safety features including hiding inappropriate and abusive tweets.
David Heinemeier Hansson - CTO and co-founder Basecamp
06 February 2017 |Comments
WhatsApp testing letting users recall and edit sent messages. Thinnest-ever temporary tattoo like health sensor developed that is capable of health monitoring with similar precision provided by much bulkier equipment. Researchers also create low-cost wearable wireless hydration sensor that can detect dehydration before it poses a problem.
Sujan Patel
27 January 2017 |Comments
Samsung shares information about the cause of its Galaxy Note 7 batteries exploding. Your brainwave signature could become your new password.
John Demaritini
21 January 2017 |Comments
Google implements RAISR technology that uses machine learning to improve the resolution of low quality images; Moon Express raises $20 million for its 2017 trip to the moon.
Aki Anastasiou - Episode 76 - It's a Monkey Podcast
16 January 2017 |Comments
Atlassian acquire project management tool Trello; New rumours about future Apple VR/AR products surface.