Episode 123

CEO & Co-Founder of Otter.ai
23 August 2018 Comments
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Sam and Kevin discuss the role of AI in audio transcription services and much more.
Some of the topics that we cover in our chat with Sam include:
  • Why Sam and team named the company ‘Otter’.  
  • Sam’s background as a Google Engineer and start up founder.
  • Why Otter chose audio transcription as a problem to solve.
  • How Otter uses a deep learning neural network to understand context and self-correct audio transcriptions.  
  • Sam speaks about the process of training an AI system.
  • What the future of Otter looks like.
  • Some of the challenges Otter is currently facing, including background noise.
  • Otter’s plans to create sophisticated summaries of audio transcripts.
  • The size and culture of the Otter team.
  • Why Universities are especially interested in using Otter.
  • Sam tells us what it was like working at Google. 
This week in the Tech News:
Below is a transcript of the interview with Sam as generated by Otter:

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Podcast Host:
Kevin Garber
Founder and CEO at ManageFlitter
Podcast Co-Host:
Kate Frappell
Design Lead at ManageFlitter