Episode 100

Senior Maverick at Wired & Author of ‘The Inevitable’
01 August 2017 Comments
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Some of the topics that we cover in our chat with Kevin include:
  • Kevin recalls the early days of the internet.
  • Kevin’s contribution to one of the first public access ramps to the internet - the WELL.
  • What the WELL taught Kevin about the future of the internet.
  • The futuristic concept of a ‘deathless’ meat diet.
  • The spirit of entrepreneurship in the Bay Area vs. other major cities.
  • Viewing cities as ecosystems for specific industries. (Ie: Silicon Valley for Software, Hollywood for Media, New York for Finance, Shenzhen for Hardware).
  • Why now is one of the best times in history to become an entrepreneur.
  • The issues surrounding anonymity, trolling and fake news on the internet.
  • Kevin reflects on the 12 forces he thinks will change the ways we work, learn and communicate in the future.
  • The danger of humans creating robots in their own image.
  • How AI will ironically help define humanity.

This week in the Tech News:
This week we also celebrate 100 episodes of the It's A Monkey Podcast by reflecting back on Episode 1.

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Podcast Host:
Kevin Garber
Founder and CEO at ManageFlitter
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Kate Frappell
Design Lead at ManageFlitter