Episode 106

Founder of Edify and Host of the Up Right and Better Podcast
02 October 2017 Comments
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Kristen is the founder of Edify; a learning strategy firm that removes employee development challenges for businesses. Kristen shares her knowledge of employee development strategies, on-boarding and more. She is also the host of the Up Right and Better Podcast.

Some of the topics that we cover in our chat with Kristen include:
  • Why early investment in on-boarding is crucial for retaining employees.
  • What ‘throwing people in the deep end’ really translates to. 
  • We ask - ‘How big of an opportunity is it to get on-boarding right?’
  • Why it’s easy for companies to recruit unhappy talent from their competitors.
  • What poor on-boarding looks like.
  • Why it’s more expensive to lose employees in their first 6 months, than 6-12 months.
  • How supply and demand in the tech industry has affected the importance of on-boarding.
  • On-boarding can be light, but it must be strategic.
  • Kristen’s tips for creating a simple yet effective on-boarding process.
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