Episode 108

Principal Analyst (Digital Safety) at Constellation Research
10 November 2017 Comments
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Podcast Hosts:
Guest Interview:
  • Steve Wilson - Principal Analyst (Digital Safety) at Constellation Research.
Steve is the Principal Analyst (Digital Safety) at Constellation Research. Steve talks all things Blockchain and considers the current vs. future uses of cryptocurrency. 

Some of the topics that we cover in our chat with Steve include:
  • Steve’s perspective on the Blockchains’ state of play.
  • Why Blockchain technology is the holy grail of cryptocurrency.
  • How the Blockchain solved an unsolvable problem in tech.
  • How Cryptocurrency fits into the Blockchain.
  • Why Bitcoin is admired as a collectable.
  • How the Blockchain was designed for Bitcoin, in the same way railway tracks were designed for trains. Each work individually, but ultimately work better together.
  • The Government’s concern for cryptocurrency.
  • Looking at the Blockchain as a new breed of database.
  • What impact will the Blockchain have on everyday processes and living?
  • Steve’s recommendations for further learning.
  • Steve’s thoughts on ICO’s.
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