Episode 109

Vice President of Sales at CloudApp
22 November 2017 Comments
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Guest Interview:
Scott and Kevin discuss CloudApp's growth strategy and what it's like to work at Facebook.

Some of the topics that we cover in our chat with Scott include:
  • Scott’s experience working at Facebook.
  • The indirect benefits of working with smart individuals who want to build impactful products.
  • How Facebook handle criticism.
  • Sheryl Sandberg’s influence and why it’s important to optimise Option B.
  • Why the Facebook Workplace team hired enterprise-focused individuals and how this differed from traditional hires.
  • The power of Facebook’s iterative processes and how this has impacted their success.
  • The importance of becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable.
  • How Scott got started at Facebook and CloudApp.
  • We ask: How does CloudApp work and what problem does it solve?
  • How CloudApp serves specific target markets: 1) People building products 2) Customer support & sales representatives.
  • What the competition looks like in the screen-recording and sharing space.
  • Where CloudApp found inspiration for their pricing structure.
  • How CloudApp built a team from their enthusiastic user base.
  • CloudApp’s customer acquisition strategies.
  • The benefit of meeting customers face-to-face.
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Kevin Garber
Founder and CEO at ManageFlitter
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Kate Frappell
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