Episode 113

CEO of Solstice Consulting Group and Author of 'Why Technology Recruiting is Broken and What To Do About It'
06 March 2018 Comments
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Steve is the CEO of Solstice Consulting Group and the author of 'Why Technology Recruiting is Broken and What To Do About It'. Steve and Kevin discuss different methods of recruiting and how they can be improved. Steve also shares some tips for identifying strong applicants. 
Some of the topics that we cover in our chat with Steve include:
  • Why Steve believes tech recruiting is broken.
  • Steve provides some tips for identifying the strongest applicants.
  • How to test applicants for motivation and problem solving.
  • The importance of writing job descriptions that are appealing to your ideal candidate.
  • Why identifying the strongest applicants is better than weeding out the weakest.  
  • How cultural difference affect the way people sell themselves.
  • Why Steve thinks resumes will go out of business.
  • The role of LinkedIn in modern job seeking.
  • The benefits of being proactive and approaching the companies you want to work for.
  • Why donating and volunteering your time should be a priority.
  • The importance of identifying the problems you enjoy solving and who you like to work with.
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