Episode 115

Author of 'Nice Guys Finish First', CEO & Founder of the Turnkey Podcast
27 March 2018 Comments
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Guest Interview:
Doug Sandler is the Author of the book "Nice Guys Finish First" and is the Founder and CEO of the Turnkey Podcast. Doug shares his podcasting experiences and how efficient guest management has helped him succeed as a producer.

Some of the topics that we cover in our chat with Doug include:
  • How Doug got started with podcasting
  • Accomplishing 600+ episodes
  • Tips and Tricks for tackling guest management and scheduling
  • The struggles of monetising your podcast
  • The benefit of focusing on your audience to grow a community
  • Examples of guests and topics on Doug’s podcast
  • Why Doug believes that everyday people are more interesting guests
  • The importance of remaining relatable, vulnerable and interesting.
  • Balancing the role of the guest, audience and host.
  • We provide examples of great podcasts.
  • We chat about Doug’s book - Nice Guys Finish First.
  • Visit https://www.turnkeypodcast.com/monkey for more information.
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