Episode 116

Founder of Restyle Closet
02 April 2018 Comments
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Vanessa Lim is the Founder of Restyle Closet, a platform to shop and sell second hand designer fashion items. Vanessa shares the story behind Restyle Closet and explains why authenticity plays an important role in the second hand clothing market.

Some of the topics that we cover in our chat with Vanessa include:
  • How Restyle Closet works
  • Vanessa outlines the second-hand designer fashion space
  • How Restyle Closet is able to identify authentic fashion items from fake ones
  • 95% of items donated to second hand shops are not resold
  • The role of fashion in different industries
  • The challenges and rewards Vanessa has experienced on the start-up journey.
  • Vanessa’s plans to grow Restyle Closet
  • The role of social media in the start-up fashion space
  • Instagram’s role in fashion
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