Episode 120

Web Accessibility Expert & Disability Rights Activist
21 June 2018 Comments
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Podcast Hosts:
Guest Interview:
  • Nic Steenhout - Web Accessibility Expert & Disability Rights Activist
Nic Steenhout is a Web Accessibility Expert and Disability Rights Activist. Nic and Kevin discuss how technology can improve peoples' lives and make the world a more inclusive place.

Some of the topics that we cover in our chat with Nic include:
  • Nic’s life in Montreal, Quebec
  • Nic’s experience as a disabled person and how he became interested in web accessibility
  • The difference between informative and decorative images and what their relationship with Alt text looks like
  • Using the Shift and Tab keys to test the accessibility of your site  
  • How color-blindness is addressed on the web
  • The important distinction between an impairment and a disability
  • The spirit of technology and its ability to enhance and improve lives
  • We discuss new technologies in the accessibility space
  • Nick chats about his Podcast: #A11Y Rules 
  • How VR and AR may be used to create empathy; specifically amongst individuals who struggle to understand accessibility challenges
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Kevin Garber
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