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14 March 2017 Comments
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Anil was once described in a Quora article as " ... the Obama of tech ...". Anil also serves on the board of a range of companies and non-profits.  He regularly advocates for a more humane, inclusive and ethical technology industry.  Anil has been described as a “blogging pioneer” by the New Yorker, and he’s been blogging continuously since 1999. Anil was also an advisor to the Obama Administration's Office of Digital Strategy.

Some of the topics that we covered during our chat with Anil include:

  • A comparison between the technology scenes in San Francisco and New York.
  • Technology's place in society as an enabler of good and bad social outcomes.
  • The requirement for large and powerful technology companies to act responsibly as stewards of society.
  • The importance of building the right ethical choices into technology platforms.
  • Challenges created by the limited technical literacy of elected US officials.
  • Anil's experience as advisor to the Obama Administration's Office of Digital Strategy.
  • The two step process of taking labour out of an industry: centralise and optimise a market, then automate it.
  • The genesis and evolution of the Trello project management tool.
  • The benefits and downsides of a remote technical team.
  • Fog Creek Software's latest product - Gomix - allowing you to build apps and bots quickly within a friendly social context. 
  • The connection between the ethical and diversity failings of the technology industry.

This Week in the Tech News:
  • Snap Inc. (Snapchat) make their debut on the New York Stock Exchange. 
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