Episode 88

Co-Founder and CEO of Usermind
09 April 2017 Comments
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  • Michel Feaster - Co-Founder & CEO of Usermind - a customer engagement hub that allows you to integrate customer data and orchestrate actions to deliver a world-class customer experience.
Some of the topics that we cover in our chat with Michel include:
  • How Usermind helps enterprise companies connect disconnected systems to enable better customer experiences.
  • The long term benefits - to companies and customers - of a shift towards subscription based businesses.
  • How customer expectations shift generationally and why companies need to transform and embrace the challenge.
  • Michel’s journey to becoming a Founder & her experience working with Ben Horowitz.
  • The importance of mentors and the positive impact they’ve had on Michel’s career. 
  • What it’s like to be a female founder.
  • How and why women struggle with fear and imposter syndrome.
  • Are we becoming too comfortable with failure? 
  • The myth of success being limited to Silicon Valley and why we need a 2nd Silicon Valley. 

This week in the Tech News:
  • Tesla is now worth more than Ford and General Motors
  • This years best and worst April Fools pranks from the tech industry
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