Episode 89

Founder of Parallel Drive & Author of 'How To Build A High Velocity Development Team'
18 April 2017 Comments
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Guest Interview - repeat from September 2015:
Some of the topics that we cover in our chat with Eric Elliott  include:
  • How developers think and why they avoid distraction.
  • The importance of collaboration amongst developers and why asynchronous communication channels are preferable. 
  • Knowing the basics of many languages vs. being an expert at one language. 
  • Supply and demand for developers in the USA. 
  • The current state of programming education and why it needs to change. 
  • The benefits of remote work and why some developers prefer it.
  • The best way to measure a developers productivity (Hint: Not by counting tickets!)
  • Recognising senior developers as mentors.
  • The value junior developers can bring to a team. 
  • The movie: Programming Literacy 
This interview was originally broadcast on the It's a Monkey Podcast - Episode 63 - Sept 2015.

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Kevin Garber
Founder and CEO at ManageFlitter