Episode 93

Project Executive at A^3 by Airbus Group
23 May 2017 Comments
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Some of the topics that we cover in our chat with Jason Chua include:
  • The growth of the air travel industry.
  • Airbus as an European company with a Silicon Valley outpost.
  • The benefits of being in Silicon Valley - talent pool, eco-systems, technologies.
  • How the Transpose project is rethinking aircraft cabin architecture.
  • What it means to make air travel more human via modular designs.
  • The current limitations and opportunity costs of reconfiguring aircraft interiors.  
  • Why the Transpose project seeks to bring more choice and personalisation to the air travel industry.
  • Jason’s previous experience working on Project Ara - Google’s attempt at a modular smartphone. 
This week in the Tech News:
  • Announcements from the Google I/O Conference.
  • TechCrunch Hackathon Finalist 'Waste Not' pitch an app that tells you when your food is about the expire. 
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