Episode 95

CEO of Veredictum
14 June 2017 Comments
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Some of the topics that we cover in our chat with Tim include:

  • What is going on in the bitcoin and blockchain space.
  • A (non technical) review of Tim Lea’s book - Blockchain: Down The Rabbit Hole: (Discover The Power Of The Blockchain) with Jimmy Shimwell, ManageFlitter Accountant (and Resident Philosopher and a tech outsider). Jimmy highlights his concerns (Silk Road) and fears (the subterranean economy) and shares his analysis of the blockchain.
  • A discussion on the progress of future thinking Governments such as Estonia, and Dubai in creating their own Digital Currencies.
  • Tim's review of the 2017 Consensus blockchain technology summit.
  • Discussion about the US and New York's approach to regulation of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. 
  • Discussion about the mysterious creator of bitcoin/blockchain and more recently the creator of ethereum.
  • How "bitcoin whales" move the price of bitcoin.
  • The mechanics of smart contracts.
  • Risks of storing your cryptocurrencies online.
  • The ethereum platform and smart-contracts explained.
  • Japan's lifting of its 8% bitcoin tax providing impetus for the rise in the price in bitcoin.
  • All about ICOs.
  • Current lagging regulation and the latest ICO landscape.
  • How major banks are preparing to work with ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

This week in the Tech News:
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Kevin Garber
Founder and CEO at ManageFlitter
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Kate Frappell
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