Episode 91

01 May 2017 Comments
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Podcast Hosts:
Guest Interview:
  • Zeryab Cheema - 20 year old entrepreneur and CEO of HOP: an Australian ride-sharing app. 
Some of the topics that we cover in our chat with Zeryab include:
  • How HOP works.
  • HOP’s point of difference and how it’s disrupting the ride sharing space in Australia.
  • How Zeryab managed to raise capital in Australia for his business. 
  • The life of a young entrepreneur: Balancing business, education and travel.
  • The challenges of being taken seriously as a young entrepreneur.
  • Who takes care of HOP’s tech and how they intend to scale it.
  • Tips for getting started as an entrepreneur: Passion, Persistence and Pivot.
  • The future impact of self driving cars on the ride sharing model.
  • The business vs. tech side of a start up.
  • The value of surrounding yourself with the right people and advisors.
  • The spirit of entrepreneurship in Australia vs. other countries. 
This week in the Tech News:
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Kevin Garber
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